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For over 25 years, we have been protecting the rights of employees like yourself in Michigan against discrimination and unfair treatment. Discrimination lawsuits can be adversarial, emotionally charged, and difficult to handle. You should only trust an experienced team to take on your battle. The vast majority of our referrals come from our satisfied clients as well as other attorneys and judges.


We work for clients in a variety of discrimination cases, including:







•National origin


•Marital status



If you believe you have been demoted or wrongfully terminated as a result of illegal discrimination, don't let that unfair treatment stop you. Act quickly and have us immediately investigate and research your case to discover the best course of action.

On occasion, people can be excluded from job opportunities, fired from a position they currently hold, or demoted in what may be an unlawful manner. The Law Offices of Dean T. Yeotis will protect your rights and battle against discrimination.

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The government has gone to great lengths to enact laws designed to ensure employees are treated fairly and have a work environment free from prejudice and bias in which to perform their work duties. Unfortunately, some supervisors and/or coworkers attempt to exert their power or influence over other employees in illegal ways. If you feel victimized or mistreated in the workplace, it is wise to contact our experienced Flint workplace harassment attorneys.


We understand the frustration and confusion that many employees feel as they struggle through harassment, prejudice, and bias on a daily basis. Harassment occurs where words or conduct based on gender, age, race, disability, or weight are so substantial and pervasive that it creates a hostile work environment. Work should be a comfortable environment, but illegal harassment takes that feeling of comfort away, and can make every day more difficult and challenging. In many situations the harassment is so severe employers claim the employee's work performance is suffering and suggest that the employee should quit or find other work. An employee dealing with illegal harassment should contact a lawyer first before considering quitting their employment.


There is a sliding scale that connects the terms severe and pervasive. The crux of a hostile work environment illegal harassment case is whether unwelcome conduct or communication was intended to or in fact did substantially interfere with an employee's employment or create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. In determining whether a work environment is sufficiently severe or pervasive enough to warrant a lawsuit the court considers the totality of the circumstances when viewed from a reasonable person standard. This means that when viewing your work environment, other people would agree that your work environment is hostile, offensive, and/or intimidating. The court also considers the following factors in reviewing the serve and pervasive nature of the conduct or communication:


•Level of offensiveness of words or actions

•The frequency of the offensive words or actions

•The total length of time over which the encounters occurred

•The context in which the words or actions occurred


If you feel victimized by sexual harassment, racial harassment, age harassment, disability related harassment, or weight harassment, talking to one of the attorneys at the Law Offices of Dean T. Yeotis can help you understand your options.

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