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Michigan and Federal Statutes of Limitations


The phrase 'Statute of Limitations' refers to the number of days or years a person has to bring a lawsuit. Different types of cases have different lengths of time to file the lawsuit. For example, if you are thinking of filing a lawsuit under the Whistleblower Protection Act, you only have 90 days from the adverse employment action you are suing about, (ie termination, demotion, decrease in salary, etc) in which to file suit. If you fail to file the lawsuit within that 90 day period, your claim will most likely be forever barred.


With regards to illegal discrimination and harassment under Michigan law, the employee has 3 years from the discriminatory act in which to bring the lawsuit. It is important to contact the Law Offices of Dean if you think you may have grounds for a lawsuit because Michigan law and Federal law have different 'Statute of Limitations' and other pre lawsuit rules regarding civil rights claims such as illegal harassment or discrimination.


Finally, both Michigan and Federal law permit employers to shorten the 'Statute of Limitations' for civil rights claims and also to force employees to Arbitrate their claims rather than have them heard by a jury. In many instances the employer makes these changes by inserting language in the employee handbook or in hiring documents which most individuals do not read in any detail before they sign. What this means is that an employee must immediately contact the Law Offices of Dean T. Yeotis immediately if they suspected that they may have a lawsuit against their employer.


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